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IELTS is an internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. This test basically tests your English proficiency.
For example, ILTS was essential for higher education in the United Kingdom and Australia. Recently, universities in the United States and Canada have been receiving these test scores. Most countries in Europe accept IELTS. Everyone can take part in this test. No educational qualification is required for this.

The IELTS test consists of two types:

  1. Academic,
  2. General training.

For whom is the academic exam?

For those who want to go abroad for higher education, they have to give academic examination.

General Exam for Who?
General Examination for Migration, Training and Professionals.


  1. Anyone can take the test.
  2. There is no educational qualification required to take this test.

How is the test? What? Want to know more?
In both academic and general two modules, a total of four subjects are tested –

  1. Listening
  2. Readings
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

What is the grading system? How is it done?
IELTS have number that its name band score. Depending on how many numbers you get, you will be given a score between 0-8.
IELTS has four modules – Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. The average you get in these four modules is your overlay band score. Usually a score of 5 or above is considered a good band score.

Where and how to register for the exam?
The IDP or the British Council can take the test under either of these two.

IELTS is a much easier test. So, there is nothing to worry about. There is no chance of doing well in a short time in this exam unless you are in the middle of English practice. Our sincere trainers and support team are there for her.

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